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Can AI-Powered Education Close the Global Gender Gap?






















Author: Katie Elizabeth

Date: January 19, 2019


The author of this piece of news has long been a proponent of better education for women and recently she has been looking around globally for innovative solutions that can leapfrog women’s education forward. She noticed the problem has been particularly evident in China, where women usually face the lack of education opportunities and gender stereotype. Looking for potential solutions, the author interviewed the well-known Chinese entrepreneur in the education field, Derek Haoyang Li, who founded Squirrel AI Learning of Yixue Group. Li previously led another education company to a successful IPO as the first listed education company with a market cap of $1.9 Billion in China.

As for the Squirrel AI Learning, Li claimed that it aims to help solve the low-quality education problem for all. “There is potential for a small grasshopper to jump 2 meters, but if you put it in a box with a cover, it can only jump to the height of the box – say half a meter”, said Li. He thought that the low-quality education is like that box hindering and limiting individual’s potential. Check this out to read the full story of this AI-powered education company and its goals.

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