News in June 2019

China’s Education Authority Calls for More Electives, Choice

(Photo Source: Zhao Yuhong/VCG)

Date: June 21, 2019

Author: Ni Dandan


Zouban is a relatively new idea in Chinese education, which refers to fixed classrooms and teachers but flexible courses for students to choose according to their levels of ability and interest. Different levels of classes generally require different teaching content, method, homework and exams. New guidelines from Ministry of Education in China encourages schools to “take into account talent cultivation rules, university department admissions requirements, and students’ interests and strengths, as well as the specific conditions at each school” and promote zouban systems to be implemented. This piece of news argues that it is the first time Chinese central government has explicitly endorsed zouban and encouraged local authorities to implement the model. Check this out for more!

Source: Sixth Tone