Chinese Education News In July


China brings 10,000 teachers out of retirement to take up jobs in impoverished rural areas

Author: Laurie Chen

Source: China Education

Date: Jul 29, 2018



In the upcoming fall semester, around 10,000 "outstanding" retired teachers aged 65 and under will be sent to rural areas. This is a part of the "Silver Age Lecture Plan" which is a new programme of the Chinese government to alleviate poverty in these remote areas. These teachers will spend at least one year in targeted schools and work with local teachers. This activity is expecting to improve the education standards in rural areas, including border provinces and minority-dominated regions. Some experts do not believe that this will change the poor condition in those areas, because they think to solve economic problems are the keys. Only improve education standards will not close the urban-rural gaps.




One of China's hottest startups is a $3 billion education company — here's why education is such a big business in China












Author: Harrison Jacobs and Pat Ralph
Source: Business Insider
Date: Jul 18, 2018

This article offers some insights from Dr. Zhang Weining, an associate professor at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, towards Chinese education company with eye-popping valuation. The news uses VIPKID, one of China's hottest startups that worth billions of dollars as an example. The article then talks about family educational investment to children in Chinese culture, English teaching issues and the need of English-speaking ability in China, and other aspects that have contributed to the high value of Chinese education company. Check it out if you are interested.





AI Training Program Enters Chinese Universities

Jul 17, 2018





















Author: CGTN

Source: China Daily



A five-year project was launched by the Ministry of Education and Sinovation Ventures in China to enhance Artificial Intelligence education. The project will educate 500 Chinese university teachers and 5,000 students in the future. There are 106 teachers from 49 universities already being trained with IA theories and practices at Peking University.  This is the first university-level AI training in China. The Turing-Award-winning computer scientist John Edward Hopcroft and Chinese AI expert Li Kaifu were leading the training program. The China AI development plan was published in 2017 and aims to become a world leader by 2030. Training and recruitment of AI talent have become the priority. Ministry of Education is considering to establish an AI major in Chinese universities. 

 China published its national development plan for AI in 2017 and aims to become a world leader in the sector by 2030. The country has also prioritized the training and recruitment of AI talent and the ministry says it is considering the establishment of an AI major in Chinese universities.







Latest News on Transnational Education in China

 Jul 6, 2018



Author: Yojana Sharma

Source: University World News




Chinese Ministry of Education has shut down 234 transnational programs of its total 2,342 programs, also known as Sino-foreign joint programs and institutes on tertiary education since early July this year. Among those five fully-fledged joint institutes terminated were the International ‘College of Excellence’ of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, a leading economics university; a joint master degree in dentistry run by Peking University and the University of Hong Kong etc. Some argue that this shut-down can improve quality and efficiency of joint institutions and programs, while others argue that it shows a failure of transnational education in China. Check it out if you are interested.